Trampoline Bounce Counter v2.0


The 2016 University of Sheffield Charity Bounce has been confirmed and as a believer in continuous improvement it is time to start the development cycle for an all round improved trampoline bounce counting system!

The previous system whilst overall very successful did have it’s flaws:

  • Long USB wires for power and communication
    • High resistance -> drop in voltage to modules -> intermittent behavior
    • Loss of communication sometimes
    • These got in the way – and are a pain!
  • Single distance sensor
    • Multiple readings required as a failed detection occurred regularly (a trampoline bed has allot of holes)
    • multiple sensors could validate one another
  • Distance sensor type
    • The ultrasonic ping sensor worked fairly well but was not the most reliable
  • Did not calculate time of flight or other such interesting facts
  • Setup required an in depth knowledge of the system
    • The new GUI needs to guide through the setup and automate as much of it as possible

All of the above highlighted problems (along with the fact I, at the time of writing this, am half way through a Systems engineering short course) lead me to believe it is time to start developing a new system and with it some concrete requirements! (This is much different from the dive head first approach taken on V1 of the project and will hopefully lead to a better final design)

Part 1 – Requirements

Coming Soon