You Git… Erm sorry we Git

Hello again!

Today whilst updating the new page for Trampoline Bounce Counter V2 (check it out!) it occurred to me that there would be a much better way of sharing my code than pasting the full load into the tutorials and cluttering them up! And of course the programming community already has it covered with GitHub!

Although typically used for version control and collaboration it is an ideal platform to give you guys easy access to all my code whilst being easy to maintain for myself!

From now on all code will be uploaded to TheArduinoAndMe github repo! Please allow some time for the transition of existing tutorial and project code to be included!


Apologies for my absence!

To all you lovely people who are actually viewing and reading the content on this site I offer my apologies for my extended absence!

I have been rather rushed off my feet with beginning my new job and moving to a new city. Now 2 months in I have settled in (other than not having a desk to work on – I am envisaging an Ikea trip) and have started to get to work on some new and old projects!

Anyhow coming soon a short write up of reading some cheap but fairy high resolution (0.15 deg resolution) quadrature encoders using the Arduino Due!

Until then have fun!

I’ve been a busy bee, but…

So I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes this last week, but unfortunately not allot of it is worth showing you! So a quick overview:

  1. Learnt how to use classes in C++ and Java (forgive my poor programming heritage)
  2. Updated the Trampoline Bounce Counter Part 2
  3. Got a part time job at the sports center I used to work at (I was just getting too bored sat at home all day – but this does mean there will be a decrease in the amount of project stuff I will get up to)
  4. Blew up my 3D printer (turns out the power supply provided with the original reprap Prusa Mendel kit was not designed for the use of a dual extruder and heated bed – went over the constant current limit of the power supply, £18 for a new 30A one however so it is not the end of the world)
  5. Wrote processing code for identifying any ‘nodes’ (ESP8266 modules specifically) set up on a specific port and using a call response method to determine if they are the ones I might be looking for. And if they are storing the respective IP address for later use.
  6. Designed the first version of my home security system GUI in Processing. This nicely led on from learning Classes in Java and when my set of 5 NodeMCU (ESP8266 breakouts) arrive I will proceed to develop this system by incorporating achievement 5 above into it.

Home Security System V1

I apologise that this was not a particularly interesting update; but then again I am not the most interesting person in the world :P. Keep an eye out because I will be updating the trampoline bounce counter allot more now that I once again have access to trampolines! Also as soon as the hardware arrives I will put some serious effort into getting it up and running ASAP!

As always any ideas for improvement or code you want just comment and let me know!



ESP8266 (NodeMCU Dev Board) Tutorial Up!

Hey guys and girls!

As promised I have written a tutorial for the wondering NodeMCU dev board which utilises the Arduino IDE and Processing to send binary data over Wifi!

Check it out here!

Also keep an eye out for my WiFi sensor network which I have begun work on! Literally can’t get enough of these ESP8266 Chips now there is a decent dev board for them!

An ESP8266 breakout that actually worked for me!

Yesterday I received two NodeMCU dev boards in the post. Having previously struggled for hours to try and get the ESP-201 breakout to work I thought I would spend a little more and get a development board which came with an on board usb to serial converter meaning all the correct pins were pulled high or low to put the chip into flash mode when attempting to load new code!


And the news is all good for any others out there who have been struggling with these chips which promise so much. I connected it up via micro usb and uploaded a simple test script which just printed hello world to serial. And as if by magic it worked first time! Connecting to WiFi and sending data was also a pleasant experience and I will shortly be posting a tutorial for sending data from a processing script to the Arduino-esc board over WiFi using UDP.

Displaying Live Data

Today I came across a very capable graphing library for Processing called Graphica and the first thing that popped into my head was the possibility of making a very capable live data viewing script in processing. I was amazed at how little time it took to implement and my initial results are here for you all to look at!

In other news I will be continually updating the Trampoline Bounce Counter project, I hijacked one of the modules used for that project to test the live data script, so keep an eye on that too.

Trampoline Bounce Counter – Part 1

Firstly I’d like to apologise for not being very active these past weeks. I had just finished my exams and had a wonderful holiday in Paris which unsurprisingly didn’t leave me much time to commit to updating the projects or tutorials! Anyway now I have returned to my normal life I have the opportunity to start writing up the trampolining bounce counter project!

Part one is now up and it discusses the hardware options I considered for the project along with each methods pros and cons! Read all about it here!