Component Delivery Day… :D

So this morning felt like Christmas day as I came downstairs and was welcomed by a plethora of little parcels which could only mean one thing. Component delivery day! I recently discovered BangGood which is a site that stocks allot of the cheap components from China but has the added bonus that for quite allot of the components they are also stocked in the UK! I thought i’d go ahead and try out the new site because I was fed up of waiting for parts to arrive from DealExtreme. I had to pay a bit more for each of the items to get them from the UK warehouse but they showed up 3 days later so it was worth every penny! (Quick disclaimer – I am not affiliated in any way with either of these sites I am simply sharing where I get my cheap components from)

Anyway a picture is worth 1000 words, or so they say, so without further ado here is what the little elves delivered for me! It is safe to assume that they will feature in the upcoming tutorials as will a section on wiring up a Reprap Prus Mendel with a RAMPS controller!


That is it for now!
Dave x


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