The Arduino and Me begins

Firstly i’d like to introduce myself. My name is David Mason and I am a Mechanical Engineer recently graduated from the University of Sheffield.

My interest in Arduino and hobby electronics started during my year in industry with Airbus. The team I was lucky enough to be part of was very small and as such I was heavily involved in all aspects of the entire project I was working on whether they were mechanical, hydraulics, control or electronics. During my time there my role involved a considerable amount of control system design and electronics and as such I was woefully under prepared (mechanical background). I chose not to be left behind during this phase of my year in industry and to help catch up I decided to take it upon myself to use the Arduino platform as as a stepping stone into my electronics education.

Recently I have completed my final year project which involved pushing an Arduino based microcontroller to its limits and as such I felt it was time I shared some of my experiences for others!

I hope to bring you regular updates and any useful libraries or sketchs I come up with.

For now though, goodbye!



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